How to set alert thresholds

Alerts mean you can be instantly aware of unwanted data readings from your connected devices. They can be linked to your phone and configured to react to a range of values depending on your device.

For example, Temperature sensors installed inside a fridge can have alerts set to notify instantly when the temperature has deviated from the Normal Limit.

Alerts can be sent to you as an email or text message.



Create an Alert

  1. Go to Devices from your project dashboard and select the device you want to create an alert for.

  2. From the Actions menu on the right of the screen select Setup Device.

  3. Set the limits for the incoming data and alert type, below, and click Save.

    No alert - value between the Normal Lower Limit and the Normal Upper Limit.
    Warning - value between the Warning Lower Limit and Normal Lower Limit.
    Alert - value between the Min Value and the Warning Lower limit.


  4. Use the icons in the top right to control whether you want to receive Alerts and/or Warnings as well as the option of an email and/or text message. The example above is set to receive only alerts via email.

    To add or update your phone number edit your Profile info.

  5. Click Save.


Find your device here to find more info on the supported alert values.


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